How Weigel's used Push Notifications to increase their weekly promo by 69%

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The Digital Shift

Weigel's, a brand synonymous with community engagement and customer satisfaction, has long been appreciated for its 'Weigel's Wednesdays'—a weekly delight where loyalty members receive a complimentary item. Transitioning to Rovertown's app platform allowed Weigel's to adopt a more direct and personal approach to communicate with their customers. The key was in the implementation of push notifications, which served as a gentle nudge to remind customers of their weekly treats.

Impact of Push Notifications

The introduction of weekly push notifications was a game-changer. These notifications, sent directly to the smartphones of Weigel's loyalty members, served as timely reminders of the Wednesday freebies. This simple, yet effective strategy led to a significant uptick in customer engagement.

Since the adoption of Rovertown's app platform, Weigel's saw a 69% increase in redemption of their weekly freebies.

This statistic not only highlights the effectiveness of digital tools but also underscores the value customers place on these weekly delights.

A Word of Caution

However, it's crucial to address the fine line between engagement and intrusion. Research indicates that excessive push notifications can lead to adverse effects. Users will mute notifications or even worse, delete the app, if they find push notifications annoying or overwhelming. Balance is key. Weigel's mindful approach in using notifications sparingly ensures that customers look forward to these weekly updates rather than perceiving them as a nuisance.