App platforms were made to do something different

App platforms are a perfect solution for business owners who want quality, customizable, branded apps at a reasonable price.

Historically, there have been only two options for building an app for your c-store:

White-label and custom apps

White-label apps

White-label apps typically focus on one aspect of mobile retailing, like loyalty programs, and as a result, often have limited functionality. Many white-label apps will fall short if you're looking to try out new vendors, keep pace with evolving technology, or quickly switch out components on a budget.

Custom apps

Custom apps put a full range of tools at your disposal—for a price. They also take a long time to develop and don’t allow quick edits or updates without a development team.

While each option offers certain benefits, they still might not be the right fit for you.

Luckily there is a third option

App platforms offer the best of both worlds: the customization you need with the price tag you want

With pre-built customizable components, it's easy to keep pace with ever-evolving user needs and delight even your most demanding customers.

They provide a solid ecommerce infrastructure that enables c-stores—big or small—to have the latest mobile retailing technology.

Curious what an app platform can do for your business?

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