The simplest way to build c-store apps

Integrate whatever tools and technology you need and customize your mobile app experience—all at the click of a button.

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The tools you need to build amazing customer relationships

We help you build apps that meet evolving customer needs, set your employees up for success, and look and feel like you.

Create hyper-local experiences for your customers

Get the right campaigns in front of the right customers at the right time by targeting customers in a highly specific geographic area.

GoMart — Morgantown, WV
GoMart — Salem, VA

Fully extend your brand to your mobile app

Tailor your app to be as unique as your stores. Change colors, layouts, and logos with the click of a button and see the updates immediately. Customize any feature to fit your identity.

Connect with all your customers and keep them coming back

Remove barriers to entry with apps that anyone can access without logging in. Make your customers’ day with personalized messages like a birthday wish, celebratory coupons, or supporting local community efforts.

Spinx was ready to make a change with our app and we knew it was time for something more innovative. When we learned about the Rovertown app platform, we were instantly hooked! Jim Weber, CMO at Spinx


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