MAPCO revs up customer engagement with Rovertown's in-app game

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In the fast-paced world of retail, standing out is not just about offering great products, but also about delivering an exceptional customer experience. MAPCO, a Tennesse based convenience store chain with 300+ stores, has taken this challenge head-on by launching an in-app game that doesn't just entertain but also rewards.

The Game Changer: MAPCO Drift

On August 29, 2023, MAPCO launched the first season of its in-app game, MAPCO Drift, where customers can steer their way to spectacular prizes. With a grand prize of 1 million reward points and substantial point prizes for 29 runners-up, MAPCO Drift incentivizes participation in a thrilling and competitive environment.

How It Works

To join the excitement, users simply:

  1. Sign up or log in to MAPCO MY Reward$ via the MAPCO App.
  2. Navigate to “Games” on the App Home Screen.
  3. Select the MAPCO Drift Game Tile and start the race to rewards.
  4. Watch the leaderboard update in real-time and strategize to climb the ranks before the season closes on October 30.

Leveraging the Platform

Our platform enabled MAPCO to:

  • Offer an interactive game that encourages frequent app usage and brand interaction.
  • Create a live leaderboard that fuels competition and frequent check-ins.
  • Reward customers in a way that increases loyalty and drives in-store traffic.

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