New Rovertown Report Reveals the Best Practices for Mobile App Coupons



About the Report

Rovertown, the mobile app platform designed for convenience retailers, today released a report revealing the best practices for success with mobile app coupons. Based on an analysis of dozens of convenience store apps from January 1 - December 31, 2023, the report reveals the top-performing categories of coupons, helpful tips, and two couponing tactics utilized by best-in-class retailers. 

“Coupons are one of the most direct ways to convert app engagement into sales. That’s why it’s essential to have an effective strategy,” says Tyler Cameron, Head of Strategy and Analytics at Rovertown. “Our analysis reveals several insights that will help retailers level-up and drive better results with coupons.”


  • Coupons Drive Retention. Retailers see an immediate, 18-point increase in the retention rate of app users once they redeem just one coupon.
  • Free Items Resonate, but There’s a Catch. Coupons with free items performed 408% better than coupons with reduced price points, but retailers should exercise caution. The added cost of free campaigns means it may make sense to instead offer meaningfully-reduced prices.
  • Fountain Drinks Take the Top Spot. Fountain drink coupons drove 799% more redemptions in total, across the Rovertown platform, compared to the average category of coupons. Energy drinks took second place (396%) and candy rounded out third. (383%)
  • Two Tactics Drive Success. Retailers using two tactics—Surprise and Delight and Reduced Price Point, Limited Choices—saw increases of 460% - 780% over the average retailer based on the percent of users redeeming coupons and the number of coupons redeemed per user. 

“App strategies should always compliment in-store strategies,” says Tyler Cameron. “Apps are fundamentally communication platforms, and communicating about exclusive coupons on high-traffic items is one of the best ways to drive visits to your stores.”

About Rovertown

For retailers seeking to connect with consumers in an always-on world, Rovertown’s app platform provides the flexibility needed to deliver personalized, meaningful mobile experiences. Designed for c-stores, Rovertown’s customizable platform empowers retailers to build branded, design-forward apps and make self-service updates in real time. Rovertown is equipped to integrate with any technology vendor and goes the extra step to ensure clients’ success through best-in-class implementation and support. With features that include hyper-local marketing, mobile gaming and support for charitable campaigns, the Rovertown platform today powers the mobile experiences of many leading convenience retailers.


To download the full report, click here.

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