Refuel Market's Fri-Yay Campaign Boosted Unique App Users by 161%

Customer Story


About the Campaign

Refuel Market, with over 220 stores in North Carolina, South Carolina, Mississippi, and Texas, initiated their "Fri-Yay" mobile app campaign to boost customer engagement and sales. Each Friday, Refuel Market sent out Push Notifications and added a Takeover Special that navigated to an app page where users can learn more about the promotion and browse offers.


Over three months, the Fri-Yay campaign delivered remarkable results in app engagement:

  • Unique App Users: Increased by 161% on Fridays, in large part because of the push notifications.
  • New User Signups: Rose by 27%, showcasing the campaign's appeal to new customers
  • App Stickiness: Improved by 13.5%, with login frequency enhancing from once every 9.6 days to once every 8.3 days.